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How Humans Began October 26, 2008

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This week we are to highlight a related blog and provide commentary on a post of the blog that demonstrates the work provided. I will be highlighting a post by Ichabod, titled: The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived Was the First One, Otherwise None of Us Would Be Here. The blog itself centers around the ideas of the “beginning of humanity, faith, life, religion, and thoughts”. It was an interesting post commenting on how our race began as simply as we continue, with procreation between man and woman. They continue with ideas concerning females’ own original ignorance of the fact we were containing the future of our world. But, they end with a theory that our world is a continuing cycle and the present is the past and vice versa, thus neither a beginning nor an end.

This is an interesting blog, though for myself as a historian and anthropologist in ‘training’, I find that theory hard to believe. Ignorance never occurred on such a level that women did not know when they were pregnant and how to proceed with birthing, etc. We are hardwired to biologically reproduce and know how to do so intelligibly. Though, as mentioned in the blog, there were no modern hospitals and quick medical solutions to maintain the health of the offspring. But all of those are menial in comparison to the natural response a mother has when she is pregnant. This is the same as many view faith and religion. These are continuing cycles of beliefs; many are innate to our consciousness because of how we were raised and what we innately believe of the world and God. Faith and religion is a continuing cycle, meaning the core beliefs; however, how and where we practice them changed throughout history.

The blog provided an interesting idea that our world and our existence in this world is a cycle with no beginning or end. This is quite true in how our world recovers and reproduces to sustain itself, as we humans do as well. Our bodies are continuously fighting off diseases, viruses, etc., maintaining a cycle of contraction then healing. We also reproduce to continue our genes and maintain our foothold in this world. Religion is a center for many lives, making us strive for new levels of understanding at times. It allows us to think beyond ourselves into something not quite understood, but many devoutly believe exists. As humans, we are constantly recreating ourselves in our beliefs, once again maintaining the cycle of our world. Overall, the blog is quite ingenious in how it seems to question the idea of how humans evolved, with a conclusiong that perhaps life is a continuous cycle.



Work Cited

Ichabod, The Greatest Many Who Ever Lived Was the First One, Otherwise None of Us Would Be Here. In Life, October 26, 2008


One Response to “How Humans Began”

  1. ichabod Says:


    I appreciate the objectivity of your review.

    I have never been checked out by an anthropologist before and I find it interesting as I do so many things in life.

    I wish you luck in your studies.

    I would not have known about it but I saw a back link and followed it here expecting to see spam and was surprised.

    Thank You and Regards

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