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Exploring teachings and beliefs associated with Spirituality and Fundamentalism

Jesus Camp November 2, 2008

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The following is a video clip of Jesus Camp, a documentary about a camp for Pentecostal children followers led by Becky Fischer. It is a disturbing look at how our youth’s innocence is tainted by adult’s extreme views. The children will never be able to function normally in society when their minds are filled with prejudices they believe are THE TRUTH. There is a series of these videos posted on youtube.com, this one being the first in the series.

Throughout this video and series it is astounding how the children are manipulated into hating something they have never experienced. It was mentioned that the world is a ‘sick old world’. This is probably one of the reasons they do not socialize much with the outer world, meaning the average citizen. She further makes mean remarks about overweight people when she herself is overweight. The most fascinating thing about this first video is the children speak in tongues, which is just gibberish and they consciously know it is neither language nor dialect, but endless voiced sounds that have no meaning.

The next video is the second video of the Jesus Camp youtube.com series. It continues from the first one with terrifying comments made by their leader, Becky Fischer.

Becky Fischer talks about her children congregation as ‘usable’ for her beliefs, thus they are seen as valuable only in how they pass along their beliefs, which in her mind is all they amount to. She continues with her beliefs that she wants her congregation to die for their beliefs, similar to Islamic extremists. It seems like she wants to create an army and take over, maybe potentially get rid of every other belief in this country. It’s terrifying how much conviction these children have in their beliefs and their inability to reconcile science and religion, especially when science does prove evolution, global warming, etc. Religion in general is not wrong to practice, and it never will be, but those who take it to extreme lengths should step back and realize what they are creating.


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